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19/03/2015 22:49:58
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Judging by the amount of broken wing mirror glass that's often sprinkled around the 'build-out' on the road & pavement I think visibility is definitely an issue there, day or night.
It's not always easy to see, if you're in a queue of cars, if something is coming up out of the village towards Langley. I don't drive fast or too close behind others but visibility there isn't always great.
Plus I've noticed often oncoming traffic from either direction will almost race to nip through so they don't have to wait a few moments...they just don't want to give way like they're meant to...
05/03/2013 18:07:05
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KCC have a plan to add lighting to the build out. Gary Cooke is the local KCC Councillor looking after this.
05/03/2013 10:29:50
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Personally think it needs changes, it needs to be more like the ones in Coxheath... Further out into the road and a twin on the other side.

If your coming from Langley you currently cannot see it at night until your right on it (signs and lighting). Also if you have a cars/vans in front of you, you cannot see what is coming out of Leeds.
03/02/2013 12:20:39
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I think the new build out is doing a grand job so far as i live at bottom of wykeham grove and to get out seems alot easyer.
09/01/2013 17:43:20
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I think the new traffic build out at the top of the village has positively effected the flow of traffic through the village. KCC have agreed to add lighting at the site of the build out, that will help at night. Still waiting on the KCC for the rumble-strip at the top of Penfold hill.
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Home » Highways issues » Build Outs

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