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22/06/2015 20:45:46
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No there isn't any sign up for the car park, it would be great if some of the residents did use it but sadly they prefer to block the paths. Anyone can use the car park and being a Wykeham Grove resident I would be more than happy seeing people use it. It is so frustrating seeing all the cars being parked all four wheels on the paths which makes it dangerous for the children to cross the road and impossible to be able to walk up/down the Grove without having to walk on the road. So please feel free to use the car park it is always nearly empty.
16/06/2015 09:02:40
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I thought this car park was only available to residents of Wykeham Grove. Can Lower St residents and visitors use it too? Thought there was a sign up saying residents only?
30/05/2015 21:04:02
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With the parking being a real problem up Wykeham Grove would it be at all possible for a car park sign be erected at the entrance? I know this will have no impact on the residence who continuously park on the path but we get a fair amount of pub vehicles parking in the road plus some visitors of residence who probably have no idea there is a car park available. I'm sure if some of these people knew they would use it and keep off of the paths.
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Home » Highways issues » Wykeham Grove car park

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