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21/01/2014 20:30:24
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Would it be at all possible for one of the hall committee members to do a spot check when the hall is in use for the way people park their cars. I have no idea what was on in the hall last Sunday (19th Jan) but cars had parked in front of every garage completely blocking them and then cars were parked on the opposite side of the road blocking a drive. They had also made it a near impossibility for any emergency vehicle to access if need be. I know some of the garages are used by pensioners and I don't see why they should have to go either in the George, knocking on doors or going in the hall to see who owns the car that is blocking their right of way. The parking up the Grove is already a joke without these added problems and something needs to be done.God only knows what its going to be like when the pantomime is on.
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Home » Local News & Events » Village hall parking

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