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05/02/2014 18:25:34
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Local communities are 2 way, (whoever you are....MAL45 ??)...May i ask ...what did you do to make contact with the Parish Council? Did you go to the Parish Council meetings and raise your point and offer what you could do to help?

Do you really think a by-pass wont come with thousands and thousands of new homes on our door step? is that what you want too? Careful what we wish for...
02/02/2014 10:48:43
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I have been asked if the Parish Council were pleased with the lorry watch I organised.
I havnt had any contact with the Parish Council at all.) only 2 persons on the watch with me)
So I am not surprised they havnt got in touch with me regarding organising people to look after the village.

I think we THE WHOLE VILLAGE) SHOULD WRITE TO; kent cc,David Cameron, BBC, Itv, Radio Kent, Hugh roberson (I have) papers anybody who will lissen to us. as Im very sorry for the floods our need is great. AS THE ROAD IS UNFIT FOR PURPOSE......

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Home » Local News & Events » LEEDS ROAD

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