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20/04/2013 16:05:47
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that would be great to have a farmers market here in leeds!!
20/04/2013 09:40:43
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Does anyone know the Cullter Family that own the parcel of land to side of us Kent House B&B Upper Street, its such a shame as its left to run wild most of the year, this would make a great venue for a local Farmers Market.
20/02/2013 20:45:38
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Langley has a farmers market why dont we have something like this here and maybe boot fare's anything to bring more to the village.
10/02/2013 09:11:33
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I am keen to see more social events where people can get together. More for younger families, dance classes, yoga etc. Anyone know anyone who would like to start something up to get people involved locally?

I see dance & Zumba has come to the village hall (see local clubs on this site!!!!!
09/02/2013 09:52:32
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we feel there should be a nice little shop with combined coffee shop as it would be lovely to take a walk to get local produce and have have a coffee aswell. then that way we will get to meet other people in the village.
09/01/2013 21:10:43
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What suggestions do you have to get more of a community feel into Leeds village?
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Home » Local things to do in the village » Getting people to join in

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