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06/06/2016 15:19:04
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A number of HGVs are delivering to the industrial estate just off upper street,

These are presumably exempt from the monitoring/reporting system on this website?
06/04/2016 15:14:06
Kay Neine
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There are now more than seventy haulage companies that illegally use the road through the village regularly. Due to inaction by police and local authorities the number of these HGVs is increasing. They have now realised that they wont be stopped and there will be no penalty. I have contacted police on many occasions they do nothing. The KCC and local councils are hopeless. You're probably doing the right thing contacting these companies direct.
30/03/2016 22:43:27
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I see this companies lorries too often driving through the village but today I almost had a head on collision with one! I have written to the Director. One day someone is going to get killed by these monsters!
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Home » Local News & Events » Fowler and Welch

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