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05/03/2013 10:18:33
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If anyone actually looks at their plans, it looks like a child has drawn on a map with a crayon. They call it sustainable development, but with 5000 news homes how many cars will that bring and put pressure on Sutton Road to the North and Ashford Road to the South.

Golding Homes talks about promoting the landscape around it(the development), but it dos not mention dumping a housing estate onto the countryside in the first place.

Also can i point out quote... " This is a unique opportunity to develop a vibrant new community that both reflects and respects its environment and creates a special place where people choose to live and work. This is just the first stage of a long process which will involve a full programme of consultation with local residents and stakeholders.”

First stage ?.... is that the planing process or the first stage of a larger development???
02/03/2013 22:09:57
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Kent Council Council against the 5000 new homes and say by-pass to cost £100 million. Copy paste link below to see KCC view. Gary Cooke (KCC) and our local KCC Councillor will be at the meeting.
02/03/2013 21:37:44
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See the proposal for 5000 new homes. (copy paste link below into your browser)

Lets make sure our neighbours know too!! This could be our chance for a by-pass!!

Dont forget its now being held at the Cornwallis Academy
02/03/2013 20:49:18
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Will definitely be there! We need that bypass!!
01/03/2013 18:55:56
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Will be doing my best to attend this as we do need a by pass.
01/03/2013 09:58:49
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Chance to get a by-pass? Go to the meeting on 14th March to have your voice.

You are invited to a Public Meeting regarding the proposed Garden Suburb Development in South East Maidstone(between Otham in the west and Arnold Farm, Leeds
in the east)

This meeting is being organised at the request of several Maidstone County Members, including Gary Cooke, as an opportunity for local people to find out more about the proposals and to raise any queries

Thursday 14 March 2013
Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start

LOCATION: Cornwallis Academy

Rt Hon Hugh Robertson MP has also
confirmed his attendance at this meeting
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Home » Have Your Say » By Pass for Leeds???

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