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29/09/2016 09:33:11
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I would like to come to a meeting but I have a very young family and can't make evening meetings, I thought that was what this part of the web site could be used for.
20/08/2016 16:29:01
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Then do please all come along to the Parish Council meeting and raise this issue rather than just posting on the forum. We can discuss the costs & priorities of all this. Please note that some of those residents that come to the Parish Council want to start a Tennis Court/Club. There is much to be said for those that turn up show a greater interest in actually doing something, than those that don't?? We are going to have to replace large parts of the children's play area as its time for a replacement but its not cheap at all, and upgrades will have to come from our Parish funds ( we will try and bid for support funds). Those that want to have extra equipment, happy to have your help write some of the bids etc. Let the Parish Clerk know your availability.
31/07/2016 21:48:41
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I agree with every word of this post. The last time I took my children to the playing field the play area was in a bit of a poor state. It would be great to have a fence around because although I am a dog lover it was very unnerving when somebody walked their two rottweilers unleashed through the field with children playing. I have lived in the village over 40yrs and have only ever seen the tennis courts used a handful of times and when I was a child I used the field all of the time.
30/07/2016 21:32:03
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I have lived in this Village for 12 years. I have four boys who are bored and disappointed with the play area. It is neglected and hasn't been updated in all the years we have been here. According to the Parish magazine a "member of the public" said that they thought the tennis courts were an asset to the village and a tennis club might be set up. I disagree. I think that the play area is more of an asset to the children of the village. It needs more equipment and a fence around it like Langley to stop dogs and foxes pooing where our children play. The tennis courts are used rarely. Usually when Wimbledon is on and people fancy playing a game of tennis for 5 minutes! I think if anything the tennis courts should be utilised for more parking. Make the play area better for everyone not the tennis courts for the few.
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Home » Local News & Events » PLAY AREA OR TENNIS COURTS

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