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20/03/2013 19:38:32
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Fair point JR , but more and more in this country if you are not making a fuss you are ignored and fobbed off . It is only human nature , but if it is good enough for Joanna Lumley , the supporters of the Leveson enquiry and the supporters of our SAS heroes with trophys in their kit bags it is good enough for me .
20/03/2013 17:45:44
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Come on Buzz, all i see of your comments on this web site on various posts is sarcasm, lets see the positive from things. Traffic flow is better due to the build out and easier access to the main road for some. We can all stand and throw stones from a distance but how does that help?
I accept that we STILL await the KCC to add the lights to it. If we all put pressure on the KCC, it will happen faster.
20/03/2013 16:21:27
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Last night there was a load of broken glass all across the road on the Langley side of the build out . I thought at the time it looked like some scum had tossed out some empties , but this morning on closer inspection I think it looks like substantial evidence of a collision. Well no one expected that did they !
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Home » Have Your Say » Build Outs

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