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01/07/2014 22:14:27
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They took all the windows off the building then did nothing for months...
13/05/2014 17:08:54
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Blimey, how come we didn't know about this! Such a shame
01/05/2014 23:53:57
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Well, if the structural engineer's report was correct then they would have had little choice in pulling it down. Also, if it is to be rebuilt in the previous format then it is not a total loss, although for my part I would want as much of the original fabric to be salvaged and reused in the reconstruction.

However, I have no idea of how these things work, but logically I assume someone appointed by MBC would have had to verify the engineer's report themselves, and either concurred with or challenged the proposal. How can that be done retrospectively?

I don't know why the cynic in me is always so prominent, but I suspect it may have been a case of cheaper to tear down and rebuild with modern techniques as opposed to revamping an older structure. We will probably never know now.
01/05/2014 13:40:40
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See report here
How can this be allowed to happen?
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Home » Local News & Events » Ten Bells shocker

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