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Home » Have Your Say » Early morning noise nuisance.
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05/05/2017 12:33:15
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Thanks for your reply. What a dreadful racket, started at half past seven this morning!
02/05/2017 16:34:33
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They have started work to knock down and demolish the industry buildings behind Ledian Farm and as for ending soon I very much doubt it .
29/04/2017 08:53:04
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Recently, there has been a huge noise going on every morning, from about eight, near Forge Lane. I thought nothing of it, but, it has been going on for days now and it''s making me stressed out. God knows what's going on, but it sounds as if they are driving a world war one tank over a load of metal trays! The clanking and banging, plus the occasional hammering, is all underscored by an engine drone and it's horrible.

This is meant to be, and always has been, a quiet, residential village, now it sounds as if we live next to a car crushing site.

Does anyone know what's going on, what it is and if it's going to end soon?
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Home » Have Your Say » Early morning noise nuisance.

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