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10/12/2013 21:30:12
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please do ask the police. I hope you get a better reply than me.
26/11/2013 09:27:28
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I have been asked by the Parish Council to do another lorry watch. We would be doing it with the Parish Council and they will be overseeing it. not the KCC. I HOPE the police will do their job!!! the parish council will make sure they do.
We have just had Meridien news here interveiwing us about lorry watch and they have more news than we ever got from the police and KCC. they took photos and are following this up.
Unfortunatly I have not as many people to help as last time.
PLEASE PLEASE could you phone me if you have anytime to spare.
27/10/2013 14:43:29
lesley martin I hope you read your parish mag If you have you will see that we (the lorry watch team)are very disapointed with the police. they have not fined anybody as they didnt catch them themselves.They didnt once come aout and join us they were too busy. (meetings and caurses)They also dont know how many letters of warnings they sent either so after all the hard and cold work weve done, seems to have been for nothing. nobody cares!!!!!Mal45
13/06/2013 13:55:00
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I have put the results of our recent Lorry watch in the July's parish magazine.
11/06/2013 23:09:51
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congrats and well done to all those with numb bums who diligently listed the registrations of all the over size lorries that ignored the restriction road signs .And thank you to the police for following this up . but let me ask a question , exactly how many prosecutions successful or otherwise resulted from our volunteers hard work ?
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Home » Have Your Say » lorry watch

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