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22/11/2013 12:13:35
Posts 30
Sorry, had to re-instate the Register and log-in process for the FORUM. Thats because we were being hit by spam and automated abusive content that's not right for a village site. Sorry for the slight hurdle but better for everyone in the end i think and requires just a little effort. At least we gave it a go.
22/10/2013 09:05:28
John Anyone can now add a reply to something posted on teh forum. NOTE: as a result I am already having to delete "spam"....what a world we now live in.

If someone wants to add a topic they will have to register and log-in.

Am getting our PC web firm to remove log-in all together as suggested. Hope the spam doesnt out weigh the ease everyone wants to add things to the forum.

Lets see.
04/10/2013 17:24:12
Posts 7
Hi I've just registered. Found it really easy to do. Think it's great.
02/10/2013 10:42:56
Finlay Great news, thanks John
30/09/2013 21:52:01
Posts 30
Hi, I agree.... Ive written to the web company to ask for this already and will chase them up. John (web Parish Council rep)
19/09/2013 08:43:16
Posts 18
I agree I don't think it's very user friendly
18/09/2013 09:49:21
Posts 12
Hello Parish Council/all
Just wondered if the forum is now too inaccessible for people. Should we really have to log in/register to comment? There have hardly been any posts since Lost Tabby!
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