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11/09/2014 14:17:35
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A neighbour did but thepolice weren't interested but said they would get the PCSO to phone, he never did.
10/09/2014 14:43:11
Kay Neine
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I know this might seem a bit of a long shot but have you thought about contacting the police?
03/09/2014 23:23:48
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Does anyone know how to go about reporting a Wykeham Grove resident who parks his tipper lorry in front of the row of garages at the bottom of the Grove. He completely blocks the whole row and it would be a nightmare if anyone needed to get their car in an emergency especially if during the night. It is also breaking up the path. Its also been said he goes out at weekends and just leaves it there. He has been approached but reacts in quite an aggressive manner. Thank you for any replies.
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Home » Local News & Events » Illegal lorry parking

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