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31/12/2013 10:18:57
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Don't forget to put in your diary the village meeting: Tuesday 14th Jan @ 7.30pm Village Hall....update re the B2163 and the collapsed road.

NOTE: KCC and Kent Police attending.

Note: There is a meeting with senior KCC Highways Officers and the Parish Council (John Govett on behalf of Leeds Parish) on the 10th January @ KCC offices. If you want to let them know your feelings before that date here are their e-mail addresses: (If you write to them, please copy in John Govett). Director of Highways head of transport & highway schemes Highways / signs Highways District mgr Drainage & Floods KCC County Councillor (local Member for Leeds) John Govett (Leeds Parish Councillor)
30/12/2013 13:44:51
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Good Afternoon Fellow Villagers,
So on the 9th November when a small crack appeared in our path and headed towards the front door, little did we imagine that the on the 30th December we'd be living in rented and the road and our home would be in such a state.
But that is the reality we find ourselves in, it may well be time for KCC Highways to recognise the position their find themselves in - after years of denial surely even those in high altitude Ivory Towers can see that Leeds Village is not fit for the purpose of 'Maidstone Bypass' The recent travel chaos in Maidstone has only underlined that this is its true purpose for those 10,000+ cars a day and HGVs of course. The question is when will proper investment for road infrastructure be made available to Leeds/Langley for a proper bypass and will the local residents stand united to push for action?
The reality now, is that we face many months of road closure - yes months not weeks. For the last six weeks the voids appear to have got wider, deeper and more wide ranging, now heading towards Burgesshall Drive and Milners.

Hopefully the next Parish Meeting will be well attended and some sensible long term solutions can be looked at.
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Home » Local News & Events » Upper Street - Reality, It Started with a Cracks in this s

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