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18/03/2015 19:48:14
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SAM, I know the Parish Council have this option on their Radar and are working with KCC and other to see what is possible. :-)
18/03/2015 12:49:02
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Since the vast majority of the HGVs tend to be foreign can we not get a sign made up for either end of the B2163 with "No HGVs" etc in various languages. Most of the offenders I see are from the UK, France, Romania, Poland and Czech Republic. I'm guessing the road sign symbol in these countries for no HGVS is different to the UK one. Maybe we can include their national symbols as well?

Seems like a better solution - prevention rather than penalty?
10/02/2015 23:04:25
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38% Kay, that's quite a difference, is that all your own work 24/7! or is it that KCC, the Police & the Parish Council have been working behind the scene's in recent months on reducing the number of HGV's in a number of way as well. Don't be so negative about the 3 groups above they are actually working to change things too.
10/02/2015 18:11:50
Kay Neine
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Then what happens exactly? Does the information get added to a spreadsheet which finally goes to the police who then do absolutely nothing as they've been doing for the last ten years. Or does something else happen?
Best way is to take the lorry company details, search for them on the web, contact them either by email or phone, tell them what their drivers are doing. The majority are very helpful. I've been doing this for the last two months, the number of illegal lorries travelling through the village have now been reduced by an estimated 38%. If the companies were inundated with emails complaining we could finally rid the village of these lorries. Please don't rely on either the police or the parish council to do anything both groups are hopeless.
09/02/2015 19:19:19
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If you spot an over weight HGV especially Artics on the B2163, and have time to safely take a picture (from your mobile phone is a good way), sent it to Sherrie at the Parish council for on-pass to the Lorry watch team they have. If you get a reg number / company name in the picture it is even better, if you have a note of the date / time it will help even more. :-)
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Home » Local News & Events » Over Weight HGV's

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