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22/02/2015 21:45:54
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We had 6 rattling on upper street after the road reopened, took us over a month to get them all sorted. It depends who's they are some of the ones on upper st were owned by highways but some were se water and some southern. I'd try and find out who's it is then contact them directly... Oh and chase because they like to take there time!
19/02/2015 09:43:54
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Looked at KCC website and answered my own question. Reported on 11th, doesn't say when they are going to fix it, hope it's soon!
19/02/2015 09:21:49
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Is anyone else being driven mad by the loose drain cover rattling when driven over in Lower Street? Just wondered if anyone has reported it yet, if not I'll ring Highways
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Home » Local News & Events » Drain cover Lower Street

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