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19/03/2015 22:37:38
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@IRB - Thank you for your reply. Glad to know the police are aware of it.
Bit of shame it's just been left there really as it looked like quite a decent car for a while....
18/03/2015 19:45:09
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Understand the Police are aware and following up on it, :-)
04/03/2015 18:13:07
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I drive down to my home in the village most days & have noticed a blue & white Ford Probe parked just down from the old post looks like it's been deserted there, gathering dirt, tyres going flat & nigh on parked in the middle of the road near the corner towards Forge Lane.
Does anyone in the houses along there own it or is it abandoned?
It's been sat there like that for months....
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Home » Have Your Say » Abandoned Car?

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