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I think our churchyard is very beautiful. I am grateful to those that do maintain it and I think the display of snowdrops and daffodils is lovely. I am glad that it is in part, a haven for wildlife and I believe there are some very rare lichens on the stones, many interesting birds and insects, and as an amateur botanist I enjoy the wild plants and various habitats. Have you noticed that that grass sward is so varied in species? Some areas have ancient chalk (calcicole flora, that is chalk favouring plants) and within a foots distance neutral flora that would not grow on chalk. You might like to think about why that is and the meaning of it. Certainly these habitats would be destroyed by 'good order' and 'the best'. I also find this 'wild' feel to be very tranquil and peaceful myself, very relaxing. There are so few places where nature is given a little freedom. I am not sure who you feel the people of the church are that should be doing the hard work that you seem to expect of them, but I'm sure the very few left that do already work to keep the place going at all, would be grateful of your gardening volunteer hours, elbow greas and contribution to its upkeep - if you really think that's for the best.

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