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Someone recently told me that they had seen another 40-tonner trying to negotiate its way through the village. I didn't believe them. This morning at 8.15 I got into my car in Forge Lane only to witness some hapless French driver in an articulated lorry gingerly meandering his way around the traffic-signs chicane in Upper Street, on his way to an appointment with reverse-gear misery (not that I felt sorry for him). How, or why, he managed to drive past the traffic signs at the Castle roundabout is beyond me. 'Language' is not a plausible excuse as all foreign drivers must have some rudimentary command of English for dealing with people during loading / unloading. 'Road Closed' is fairly rudimentary, n'est pas? Maybe we need to find out where these drivers are going to and give the English company at this end some stick instead (as in become a real pain in the neck) - I'm sure that would help get the message across to the regular foreign hauliers. My real point here is to emphasize what John is aiming to do with declassification of the B2163. Putting up 'signs', whether it be in English, French, Spanish or Martian will NEVER EVER stop idiots driving overweights or imaginary race cars through here. We need physical barriers. As for a Special Constable, I'm all for it if he/she can dish out fines or points: that's a real deterrent that seems to be disappearing these days.

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