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Following on from Steve's comments re the lorry. This evening a motorbike rode up past the 'footpath closed' signs by Ringers House and into Milners. We were in disbelief! He rode up the bridle path and then struggled to get over the raised bollard section/strip into Milners. He then turned around and tried to go back. However, he became stuck (sorry but we did laugh). After several attempts and with the help of a passing cyclist he managed to get back onto the bridle way path. When we noticed him and the cyclist moving the bollards we approached them to make them aware that those bollards are protecting our temporary gas supply and should not be moved, however, by this time the motorbike was down the pathway attempting a very tight corner. My point is that the signs clearly say footpath closed, why did he attempt to get through, what makes him special??!! We do not know if the pathway is liable to collapse and therefore we certainly do not want heavy motorbikes testing the ground. We have reported this to the police, but unfortunately we were not able to obtain the registration plate details. I think the way forward in the interim is to report any overweight lorries or stupid motorcyclists to the police, we phoned 101 and obtained a crime reference number 06-1015. We believe that a special constable is better than nothing, as long as they are able to dish fines etc as suggested in earlier comments. We all need to work together in unity to get this problem with the overweight lorries sorted.

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