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Its clear there is a lot of misunderstanding and myth about what is proposed and how we got here re... build outs, supposed police dictating highways solutions, what might fixed barriers be etc and what we might be able to really achieve going forward. May I suggest that everyone Google's what limitations exist today on a "B" road (we are the B2163)and then you can see for yourself what the Govts Highways Agency allows to be done to restrict traffic etc on any B road in the country. Very little!! I suggest we try and focus on those things we can actually achieve now that make a real difference of reducing overweight HGV's and speeding vehicles soonest, while pressing on with our longer term goals too. For me that includes looking at de-classification of the B2163 road through Leeds longer term, so we can put in eg fixed barriers etc. Careful what you wish for though as a by-pass will generate thousands and thousands of new homes on our doorstep that will generate even more cars and it wont stop those cars coming from the Weald of Kent (Headcorn way) or those HGV's wanting to go to the Weald from the M20 (or cars from any new homes) going through our village as a rat run in my own view. I am personally in favour of a by-pass but i still want more long term than just signs through Upper and Lower street trying to stop those HGVs with their sat nav's who ignore the correct HGV routes. (note they are even ignoring ROAD CLOSED signs today!!) May I suggest we all attend the Parish meeting this week and we can help clear up those myths and start to look together at what we can do going forward under the "art of the possible".

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