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John - the mention of fixed barriers was in a parish council document so you should not be too surprised if that triggers speculation about what it might involve! Declassification would be great if we can pull it off, it should take the road off the “fastest route” option on HGV’s SatNavs and give us more leverage as John implies but it doesn’t make it a private road for us to do with as we please. Even as a ‘C’ road the highway authority (KCC) is unlikely to entertain overly restrictive traffic management measures, a 7.5 tonne limit would already be forcing more traffic onto other routes. KCC is also answerable to the residents of Willington St. (another ‘C’ road) and there are a lot of them. Other displaced traffic would find the nearest alternative route with fewer obstacles – as is the case during the current closure. Anyone from Caring Lane/ Back St. like to comment? +1 for keeping up the pressure for a by-pass/south circular strategic route etc. Maybe inviting Willington St and its elected representatives to join us. It’s in their interests too. BTW - does anyone know what prompted the declassification of the “northern leg” of the B2163 (Hollingbourne – A2) some years ago? There might be something we can learn from it.

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