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Hi Kay...May I please respond to your comment. Am just as fed up, but with people who make cheap remarks about the Police & the Parish Council. If those that complain did more than just write on forums or send emails, we might all be better off. Ask yourself what you do to help or change things in the village Kay? The Parish Council are local residents who give up their own free time to try and help others. If you feel you can do a better job than the crew on the Parish Council, then bother to turn up, get on the Council & get them kicked off and change things. People moan about any tax rises to pay for the Police & other services we all need, yet moan when the Police are short of resources as a result of cuts, its not lack of interest... its lack of money they are fighting. What have we become as a society? All free to have a view, & then expect others to do it for them, but not prepared to pay the rate required.

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