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Over-Weight Vehicles & Speeding

The maximum weight limit for vehicles through the village is 17 Tonnes and the maximum speed limit is 30mph and  20mph by the School.  Over-weight and speeding vehicles are a common problem for the residents of Leeds and neighbouring Langley.

HGV's are now an all to familiar sight travelling through the village, they cause delays to other vehicles, cause obstructions when two meet and get stuck, they cause the homes along the road to shake as they thunder through.



Either A/ Complete the electronic form on this page below and add a photo and submit to us at the Parish Council.
Or.....B/ Please fill in the form and report your sightings, if you have a photo, that's even better, Click here and Download the 'Over-Sized Vehicle' log then please send it, with any photo to leedsparishcouncil@sherriebabington.co.uk

The details can then be recorded and passed onto our village PCSO and the police.  The Police are actually following up your sightings, and a number of fixed penalties have already been issued.

                                                                        You are advised to Use Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers when using the automated form/attaching photo below. (if the photo appears not to have uploaded, "refresh" your screen to continue upload process).........
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Lorry Watch is now in action too in the village
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