Parish Council Committee's




Planning Committee
Cllr. Springford
Cllr. Fort
Cllr. Beale
Finance Committee
Cllr. Govett 
Cllr. China

Highways Committee
Cllr. Govett
Cllr. Martin
Cllr. Greeff
Funding Committee
To be appointed as necessary


Footpaths Cllrs. Greeff/Springford


Police Liaison Cllr. Springford


Special Constable Cllr. Springford


KALC Cllrs. China/Martin


JPG Cllrs. Fort/Beale


Playing Field/Pavillion Cllr. China


Environmental/Maintenance Cllrs. China/Beale

Lorry Watch/Speed Watch Cllrs. Greeff/Martin

Street Lighting Cllrs. China/Beale


School Liaison Cllr. Greeff


Public Transportation Cllr. Springford


Parish Magazine Cllrs. Fort/Martin


Website Cllr. Govett



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